Starting Under Saddle

  • Minimum 60 days

  • Groundwork

    • Tying, grooming, picking up feet, lunging, long lining, desensitizing, 

  • Under saddle work

    • Walk, Trot, Canter​

    • Leg Pressure

    • Seat Aids

Problem Horses

  • Minimum 60 days

  • Bucking

  • Rearing

  • Kicking, etc

Finishing Work

  • Leg Pressure & Seat Aids

    • Sidepassing, Leg Yields, Seat Stops, etc​

  • Collection

  • And More

Horse Refresher

  • Refresher of groundwork

  • Desensitizing 

  • Under Saddle work

  • Obstacle Course work

All Training Includes Lessons with the owner and horse in training

Crossing Timbers Equine, LLC

Equestrian Center

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