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Pick & Play 3

  • 20Steps


Do you some times struggle with what to do with your horse? Do you ride today, take it easy, or do some groundwork? Is it that you can’t decide what to do because there are so many options, you don’t know where to start? With the Pick & Play program, I take most of the guess work out of what to do with your horse that day! Pick one of three options for each day of the program. You have 30 days to complete this program! If you get to a step that you don't feel comfortable completing, do one of the other steps that you either feel you need work on or something else. ***Horses, being a flight animal, can be dangerous to work around and with. Activities with and training a horse can be unpredictable at times. Do not attempt any of these activities, training or procedures without proper supervision, safety equipment and proper facilities. Neither, Crossing Timbers Equine, LLC, nor Kristin Hodge and its/their employees, agents, and sponsors are responsible for any injury(its) or loss resulting from these exercises and demonstrations for horse and horse training activities contained herein.***

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