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18 Day Groundwork Assessment

  • 45Days
  • 36Steps
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Go Back to Basics with this 18 Day Groundwork Assessment. Follow the assessment day by day and use this program to find what you or your horse’s strengths and weakness are. If you or your horse are stuck or do not know how to do what is scheduled for that day - that’s okay!!! Pick something from one of the days before that you do know and substitute that in for that day. ***Horses, being a flight animal, can be dangerous to work around and with. Activities with and training a horse can be unpredictable at times. Do not attempt any of these activities, training or procedures without proper supervision, safety equipment and proper facilities. Neither, Crossing Timbers Equine, LLC, nor Kristin Hodge and its/their employees, agents, and sponsors are responsible for any injury(its) or loss resulting from these exercises and demonstrations for horse and horse training activities contained herein.***

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18 Day Groundwork Assessment - Support/Share/Encourage/Bond

18 Day Groundwork Assessment - Support/Share/Encourage/Bond

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